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A Few Tunes (without the music....)

I'm still working on getting them loaded in... check back soon. In the meantime, here are a few lines... _____________________________________________

In the corner of my darkened room you'll hear me whispering the tune.
I can miss you and that's all you let me do.


Down below the children play while my heart calls to you.
The moment works, the feeling hurts,the time's gone and the tears are lost.
Future times will always tell what secrets tomorrow has held for us.
To celebrate, to find good fortune, to bring us all around.

'Don't cry for me, I cry for you
Close your eyes and be with me.
Every dream somewhere starts
Hear the music, it's all for you.'

You sing to me in all my thoughts, sing of love - song starlight.
The colours flow - the keys, they change. I call your name, no spoken words.
My heart burns with missing you, no words can say it at all.
In everything I do my love shines on for you.

'Don't cry for me, I cry for you
Close your eyes and be with me
Every dream must somewhere start
Feel the music, it's all for you.'

A minute or a mile is all the same alone in this room, where are you now?
Walking through thoughts of you, you're so far away from me now.
Another day we'll see together, the pain in your eyes I see too well.
With you here again, no wasted tears, no lost time, as time goes by, no lost time.

'Don't cry for me, I've cried for you
Close your eyes and dream with me
All my love that you're a part
Feel the music, it's all for you
Hear the music, it's all my love for you'

©Copyright 2000

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Tunes Without Music



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