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.......For Immediate Release.....5 June, 2000, Lille, France 

American-born classical guitartist and composer, Anthony Glise has just finished his new book, 'The Complete Sonatas of Sor Giuliani and Diabelli', which is being published for international distribution by 'Mel Bay Publications' in the U.S. and 'Chanterelle' in Heidelberg, Germany. 

Glise began working on the project in 1981. This work led him to archival research in libraries in Austria, France, England, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, and the former Yugoslavia.

The book is the largest collection of 19th-century sonatas ever published for classical guitar and includes a 200 page preface written in English, German, French, and Italian, explaining how guitarists from the 19th-century would have performed and improvised these sonatas.

 This collection also includes a set of cadenzas (a type of improvisation performed by 19th-century musicians) by Anton Diabelli (friend and publisher of Ludwig van Beethoven), which had been lost for nearly 200 years and were recently discovered by Glise in a small library in Vienna, Austria.

 The release of this monumental book was highlighted in a feature interview with Maestro Glise in 'The Soundboard' (the largest classical guitar magazine in the world) which is published by the 'Guitar Foundation of America'. 

The book is slated to arrive in stores world-wide in mid-summer. 

Glise currently lectures at the 'Academy for the Study of 19th Century Music' in Italy and lives in the northern French village of Sainghin-en-Melantois near the French/Belgian border.


AEvia Publicity, LTD. 

.....For Immediate Release.....5 June, 2000, Lille, France 

Addendum for Mid-West US Releases 

Anthony Glise is currently living in his native, St. Joseph, Missouri, preparing a duo CD release with rock guitarist, Michael Fuson as well as several international guest artists.

The CD is slated to be recorded in St. Joseph at Sound Logic Recording Studios and will be engineered by Jeff Anderson.

The CD is titled 'Nova', and features original compositions by Glise written for classical guitar and electric/acoustic guitar. A 'cross-over' project, it is stylistically a mix between classical, rock, and free-form jazz.

The pieces on the 'Nova' CD were originally premiered by Glise with guitarist Glen Kurz at 'Der Tunnel' in Vienna, Austria. Glise and Fuson are currently slating a similar tour in France, Italy, Germany, and Austria, to mark the release of the CD.


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