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Anthony Glise / Michael Fuson

electric/classical guitar ensemble

The Nova Project® emerged from a series of pieces called "The Viennese Sketches" that Anthony composed while living in Vienna, Austria. They were first premiered in Vienna at Der Tunnel ("The Tunnel") which is an alternative music center in that city.

The five original movements are for classical guitar and electric guitar or any improvising melody instrument. Because of the classical/rock "cross-over" of this work, when Anthony decided to record these pieces (with several other movements composed specifically for this CD), he asked his long-time friend, noted rock guitarist, Michael Fuson.

With Michael's commitment to the project, the CD is currently underway and will be released on the French label Éclipse in early 2002. Basic tracks are nearly finished and the mastertape is being shipped to Europe to include improvisational solos by nearly a dozen of the most recognized names on the international rock/jazz scene.

A tour is being slated for 2002 throughout Northern and Western Europe (France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy and Poland) to promote the CD. Negotiation is underway for a similar US tour.

We're extremely excited about the development of this new CD as these two brilliant artists continue to work together and will keep you posted as it progresses!

Anthony Glise Bio

A 1991 Pulitzer Prize Nominee for composition, Anthony has been awarded diplomas and performed at such festivals as 'Ville Sable', 'Festival-Hautecombe' (France), and the 'Nemzetlozi Gitarfesztival' (Hungary). In addition to traditional classical repertoire, concerts often include 19th Century works performed in a priceless 1828 Staufer Viennese guitar.

Anthony's commitment to the art has led to many diversified activities. His writings have been published extensively in 'The Soundboard' (U.S.), 'Guitar International' (England) and 'Gitarre und Laute' (Germany). He has acted as an Artist-in Residence and Touring Artist for a number of U.S. state arts councils and similar European programs. He is also the editor of the internationally-acclaimed series of guitar music, 'The Anthony Glise Editions', published by the Willis Music Company and 'The Anthony Glise Urtext Edtions' by Mel Bay Publications.

An active composer, Anthony's original compositions have been premiered in such cities as New York, Chicago, Rome, Vienna, Lille (France) and Esztergom (Hungary).

His recordings include traditional works (solo, chamber, orchestral and ballet) as well as original compositions for such labels as 'Eclipse' (France), 'Young Recording Artists' (USA) and 'Dorian Recordings' (USA). His first album, 'Overview', was chosen as one of the year's "Top 5 Classical Releases" by 'Vienna Life Magazine'.

Anthony currently lectures at the 'Academy for the Study of 19th Century Music' (Italy), and when not on tour, he lives and teaches in the Flandres region of Northern France.

Anthony's website is located at: www.anthonyglise.com




Nova CD

Tour Dates

The following cities in the U.S. and Europe are scheduled and dates will be posted here as contracts are confirmed.

St. Joseph, MO., Wyatt Park Christian, December 2, 2002, 7:30 p.m.

Atchison, KS., Benedictine College,
December 4, 2002, 7:00 p.m.

Maryville, MO. (with National Public Radio),
Cedar Rapids, IA.,
Omaha, NE.,
Kansas City, MO.,
Little Rock, AR.,
Decatur, AL.,
Birmingham, AL. (with National Public radio),
New Orleans, LA.,
Natchez, MS.,
Atlanta, GA.,
New York, NY.,
Boston, MA.
Washington, D.C.

Amsterdam, Netherlands,
Brussels, Belgium,
Lille, France,
Paris, France,
Bonn, Germany,
Stuttgart, Germany,
Ulm, Germany,
Munich, Germany,
Prague, Czech Republic,
Salzburg, Austria,
Geneva, Switzerland,
Milan, Italy,
Moscow, Russia.

Touring information / management for The Nova Project:


Stefano Abrile
Artist Develpoment
Aevia Productions, Ltd
Via Goito 31
I 10064 Pinerola, Italy

North America:

Aevia Productions, Ltd.
Box 7242
St. Joseph, MO 64507 USA

Comments, suggestions or questions,
you may email Michael directly at michaelfuson@michaelfuson.com

Anthony and Michael in 'Sound Logic Studios' with producer Jeff Anderson

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